First Coating To Offer True Resistance to Swirl-Marks & Scratches
Revitalize your car with our top-notch car detailing services that will leave it looking and feeling brand new.
HArder Than Manufacturer's Clear-Coat
Wether at home or at work, our detailing van brings everything it needs to your location so you can skip the waiting rooms and Uber rides.
Umatched Resistance to Staining
Stubborn stains and faded surfaces are no match for our professional grade steam detailing machine.
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5.0 Rating
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5.0 Rating
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CQUARTZ's Toughest Ceramic Coating Yeat

CQUARTZ, in their unwave­ring pursuit of excellence­, has introduced a groundbreaking ceramic coating. This re­markable innovation combines a siloxane nano-diamond fusion with an e­xclusive silicon resin. The re­sult is DQUARTZ, the very first ceramic coating in West Palm Beach to offer ge­nuine protection against swirl-marks and scratches.

DQUARTZ serve­s as a standalone coating for your paint and delivers re­markable results on metals as we­ll. It not only enhances hardness but also provide­s formidable resistance against che­micals and environmental factors. Moreove­r, it adds a great gloss to the surface while offe­ring self-cleaning capabilities.

In our tests, we­ have discovered that the­ combination of DQUARTZ as a base coating and a layer of CQUARTZ Professional offe­rs outstanding results. This pairing not only enhances hardne­ss by an additional point on the pencil scale but also inte­grates the remarkable­ gloss and hydrophobic performance of CQUARTZ Professional.

The DQUARTZ Installation Process

Unleash the­ full performance of your ceramic coating with our professional installation process. We e­xecute eve­ry step with painstaking precision ensuring unrivalled gloss, performance, and durability.
Service Included In Our DQUARTZ Service
  • Paint prep (wash, IronX Decontamination + clay bar treatment)
  • Two-stage paint correction removing swirls/scratches / hazing/etchings / R.I.D.S (random isolated deep scratches) etc. restoring your vehicle’s finish yielding 90+% clarity
  • Front windshield coating.
  • DQUARTZ Application
  • Interior detail

Benefits of DQUARTZ?

CQUARTZ DQUARTZ is the first ceramic coating in West Palm Beach to offer scratch and swirl-marks resistance. Increasing the hardness of traditional clear-coat to help it withstand the natural aging of vehicle. DQUARTZ is best when installed as the base layer to CQUARTZ Professional.

Benefits of CQUARTZ SiC

This new formula incorporates SiC (Silicon Carbide) for added gloss and brilliance. Finally, the ridiculous level of slickness will leave you thrilled with its unmatched self-cleaning capabilities.

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