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Thanks to our professional grade steam cleaner we both reduce water consumption, waste-water and the need for hurtful chemicals.
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Experienced Paint Correction Expert in Paducah

We all wish to keep our vehicles looking brand new forever. Unfortunately, even with all the care we give our cars, over time the paint fades and the shine diminishes.

Paint correction is the solution to restore the original look of your paint. By mechanically polishing the paint with micro-abrasive agents, we can remove defects like scratches, swirls and virtually any damage that is on the clear-coat of your paint.

Two kinds of micro-abrasive are used to polish your paint. In rare cases, wet-sand papers are used to level your clear-coat and remover deeper, more aggressive scratches.

Liquid polishes or diminishing polishes, are the most common micro-abrasive used by professionals to both remove defects and deliver stunning gloss. These diminishing polishes are used with high-tech dual-action polishers to deliver flawless results that often look better than the day you first took possession of your vehicle.

In a nutshell, paint correction provides a solution to repair your paint and it's original look without repainting your car.

Paint Correction Packages

Heads Up Super Foam Hand Wash & Wax
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Heads Up SUPER HIGH FOAMING Car Wash is specially formulated with premium grade carnauba wax to help protect your car between washes. Heads Up creates "loads of long lasting foam."

Heads Up will not harm clear coat, chrome or polished aluminum surfaces. Mild on paint, tough on dirt, pleasant Cherry Scent, 100% biodegradable.  

Chamois dry, dress tires, and clean windows and mirrors. If you want to maintain your paint finish and safely remove dirt, bugs, tar and road grime,

our temperature controlled detail shop is fully equipped to protect your investment year round! Free Pick Up and Delivery available within a 15 mile radius for this service, $1 per mile beyond that.

Starting Price



Add Aqua Seal for $50 more...AQUA SEAL is a polymer sealant that offers a long lasting protective film to most automotive surfaces: paint, trim and chrome. Keep your vehicle gleaming through the ugly, cold winter with our AQUA SEAL. Protection will last up to 16 washes and has a pleasant lime scent.

Blue Diamond Buff and Protect
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Our Blue Diamond service includes everything in the Heads Up service plus: Nano Skin clay process to remove contaminants from the clear coat and restoring a smooth finish.

Blue Diamond Polish & Sealant is a very unique polish that not only imparts a dazzling gloss, it will also remove buffer swirls, micro surface imperfections and light oxidation.

Blue Diamond will remove 3000 grit sanding scratches and similar substrate imperfections.This is our best polish we have ever offered, you will not believe the results.

If you want a true wet look finish with long lasting protection - this is it. None finer on the market! Protection last for 6 months.

Starting Price



Add STS 3000 Polymer Paint Sealant for $75 more... STS 3000 is one of the finest, long-lasting car paint sealants available. A unique blend of polymers, resin and Zonyl that forms a durable protective coating. STS 3000 is the most Advanced Polymer Sealant on the market today! Protection last up to 1 year!

Diamond Cut High Performance Paint Correction Service
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Our Diamond Cut service includes everything in the Blue Diamond Service Plus compounding the vehicle's surface using a modern, fast acting, car polishing compound designed to remove 1000 grit or finer sand scratches or other correctable paint blemishes.

This superior formulation provides a high gloss, haze free finish. This is a highly specialized service that requires professional training, special equipment, products and knowledge in their proper use.  

This service done by inexperienced detailers can actually do more harm than good resulting in swirl marks and holograms.We are paint correction / leveling specialists, trained and certified by Detail King.  Hours of work will go into to correcting your vehicles paint to restore it to like new condition.

Pricing starts at $495.00 for 8 hours of correction services. Older vehicles, larger vehicles, or vehicles with severe damage will take longer.  Price ranges $495-$1195 with most falling in the $495-$800 range.Plan on 1-3 days to complete this service.

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For a superior shine and long term protection that last years add CQuartz Cermamic Coating!

Oxidized Paint Before & After Paint Correction

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